Sunday, April 24, 2011


I've been rather busy with school lately and barely been drawing. I know, pathetic. At least this weekend I drew some lovely loaches. I took a few liberties with the colors and the zebra loach is kind of off, but I like it. Also, it seems I will be doing a marketing internship with Southwick's Zoo and their nonprofit Earth Ltd. this summer. Very excited about this! I also finally found myself a pea puffer. He (or she?) almost rivals my crayfish in regards to adorableness. He did however eat my pet shrimp, so I am slightly bummed. I have to admit it was not unexpected.

Here are my loaches!

Also, here is a little old man I drew with a cuttlefish for a head.

 Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter. Mine involved carrot cake, kielbasa, and a babka so I would say it was successful.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shrimps and Marmorkrebs

I've been doing a woefully bad job of posting regularly. I'm considering doing one of those 31 day blog challenge type things. I wish I could find an drawing themed one; I'll have to look around. I have no new artwork I feel worth posting here (although I have some rather nice doodles in the margins of my notes and a small ink drawing I did of a mudskipper, I do not have a scanner here).

I do however, have new pet shrimp. They are actually second hand shrimp. I have been unable to find any pea puffers in any of the local pet stores, so my boyfriend gave me the shrimp from his sump. They were originally in his  tank, but they repeatedly ended up in the sump.

While on the topic of aquarium related things, here is a brief video of some marmokrebs owned by a friend. All you need to know about marmorkrebs is that they are all female and clone themselves. His are starting to get a bit out of hand....


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few New Bag Designs

I've managed to fit in some time between being a terrible stressed out mess about my last semester to actually get a few stencils made. I'm particularly fond of the anglerfish bag (I'm keeping it for myself actually). If anyone was unaware, there is quite a bit of sexual dimorphism with some species of anglerfish. The females are the large ones with the characteristic lure on their head. Males are considerably smaller and actually fuse to the lady fish. Neat stuff.

The other bag I designed for a friend who is having a baby. It didn't come out quite as I expected, but I still like it. I'm putting together a package to send her and her sister all the way in lush exotic Utah. I plan on making a batch of granola bars to throw in as well.

Eventually I'll get around to making bags to actually sell...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Only Friends are Snails

My fish tank is set up again but it is woefully empty save for an ever increasing number of Malaysian Trumpet Snails. I intended to purchase a pea puffer (my reason for even keeping the snails), but now it seems no aquarium stores anywhere in the are carry them. Actually, one did but the tank was empty. It was in Fall River so I probably won't go there again unless we go out for Pho (BTW: Anyone living in the Fall River/New Bedford/ North Darthmouth are looking for tasty pho should go to Apsara).

Oh well, eventually I'll get my dwarf puffer fish and what adventures we will have.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Visual Pun

Please excuse me if I am incorrectly using the term pun.

Also, the New England Aquarium used a photo I took in their blog! How cool! I'm a huge fan of the aquarium, particularly the cuttlefish and the lumpfish. Sometimes it makes me a little bummed out that I didn't stick with a marine biology major, but then I remember how awful my boyfriend's organic chemistry (required coursework for all bio majors) is and how stressed out the lab work made me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Break Accomplishments

What have I been up to during my very last winter break from college ever for all eternity?
1. After mulling it over for some time I've decided to make a shop on I've made, an account but have yet to actually set up my store. I plan on designing some stencils and selling bags and other stenciled items. I've considered doing this before, but planned on selling them at local craft shows. However, it dawned on me that the denizens of the internet may be more interested in bags with images of bugs and B movie titles than the attendees of craft shows where most of the vendors are selling quilts, candles, and sand art (not that I have anything against these. I am actually rather fond of all three). So between the online class I'm taking, recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction, spending a few days with my boyfriend and his family, and a few minor freakouts over graduating this spring, I have been drawing and cutting stencils.
2. Discovered a new favorite drink: Dark n Stormy.
3. Ate lots of fancy expensive cheese on New Years. I think Ancient Gouda has changed my cheese fearing ways
4. Started running again.
5. Made some very successful (compared to the first batch) chocolate cherry almond granola bars.
6. Tried goat milk (I am a huge fan of goats)
7. And clearly the most important, drew a picture of lumpfish on an ice cream cone.
Way better than sprinkles.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Attempt at Crushing my Procrastination

I planned on restarting this blog (originally made for a class) to force myself not to fall into an art rut. Of course I ended up busy (Christmassy going ons, visiting people, wisdom teeth extraction) and so far I have not created anything this winter break besides a failed attempt at cold porcelain. I've decided to try to work on drawing at least every other day and design some more stencils. Until my next post here are some odds and ends from the past month or so.

I made a very nice little peanut butter hedgehog cookie. Once I'm back at school and have people to eat them I shall make more!

Somehow I always end up drawing pictures of decapods and ice cream.