Sunday, April 24, 2011


I've been rather busy with school lately and barely been drawing. I know, pathetic. At least this weekend I drew some lovely loaches. I took a few liberties with the colors and the zebra loach is kind of off, but I like it. Also, it seems I will be doing a marketing internship with Southwick's Zoo and their nonprofit Earth Ltd. this summer. Very excited about this! I also finally found myself a pea puffer. He (or she?) almost rivals my crayfish in regards to adorableness. He did however eat my pet shrimp, so I am slightly bummed. I have to admit it was not unexpected.

Here are my loaches!

Also, here is a little old man I drew with a cuttlefish for a head.

 Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter. Mine involved carrot cake, kielbasa, and a babka so I would say it was successful.

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