Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shrimps and Marmorkrebs

I've been doing a woefully bad job of posting regularly. I'm considering doing one of those 31 day blog challenge type things. I wish I could find an drawing themed one; I'll have to look around. I have no new artwork I feel worth posting here (although I have some rather nice doodles in the margins of my notes and a small ink drawing I did of a mudskipper, I do not have a scanner here).

I do however, have new pet shrimp. They are actually second hand shrimp. I have been unable to find any pea puffers in any of the local pet stores, so my boyfriend gave me the shrimp from his sump. They were originally in his  tank, but they repeatedly ended up in the sump.

While on the topic of aquarium related things, here is a brief video of some marmokrebs owned by a friend. All you need to know about marmorkrebs is that they are all female and clone themselves. His are starting to get a bit out of hand....


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  1. But if anyone does want to know more about Marmorkrebs, they're more than welcome to visit, which has a blog of its own, and contains links to all the scientific research on this animal!